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Fundraising is vital for the success of our program.  The funds raised will assist the student-athletes and our program in the purchasing of new uniforms, gear, equipment (e.g., shooting machine), participation in league play, and other pertinent expenses for our program. Below are various fundraising levels for which you can support our student-athletes and our program.

For more information about corporate sponsorships, please contact us at

Fundraising Levels

  • $25.00

  • $50.00

  • $75.00

  • $100.00

  • $150.00

  • $250.00

  • $500.00

  • $1,000.00

To make a donation, please visit our secure online site: or make a check/money order payable to: Mounties Youth Basketball and mail to the following address:

Mounties Youth Basketball

7410 Sportsman Road

Alexandria, PA 16611

Thank you for your support!

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